Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and iPhone

Communication is critical in any business endeavor, but particularly so in the Real Estate profession. I am always on the hunt for the latest and greatest cell phones and tech gadgets, but stayed on the sidelines during the past few iterations of what are now referred to as ‘wearables’ – smart watches designed to connect to, and in some cases even replace your phones.

This morning I happened to pick up a Samsung Gear S3 “Frontier” smart watch. This particular model is the AT&T version with built-in LTE connectivity. I’ve been following news about his product in the tech blogs for some time now, excited about the prospect of having a non-Apple Watch that will pair with my phone of choice – the Apple iPhone 7+. iPhone connectivity to their ‘Gear’ line of smart watches is something that was promised by Samsung months ago, but apparently has yet to materialize. After opening the crafty but functional packaging, I was pleased to find that the watch get substantial, but by no means would it be the biggest wrist-watch in my collection. After eagerly turning it on, I was somewhat dismayed to be presented with a message instructing me load the Gear S3 app onto the Android phone that they apparently forgot to provide me with. A detailed search on the Apple App Store later, and I turn it to be the guy walking around the grocery store with a useless $349 “watch” on my wrist.

Samsung Gear S3 paired to iPhone 7

Digging around a bit more alleviated some of my concerns. It seems that there was a way to activate the watch without initially pairing it to a phone. I followed he instructions for the Gear S2,  HR of course they didn’t work. A few more attempts finally got things sorted out:

How To Use the Samsung Gear S3 without an Android Phone

  1. Perform a hard reboot by holding the Power and Back. Buttons until the device powers down.
  2. As soon as the logo comes up, rapidly press the Power button until you are presented with a mini menu wth a few options. Pressing the power button will move the selection down to Reboot.
  3. Select Reboot, and allow the watch to reset back to the “Should have Bought a Samsung Phone” prompt.
  4. Tap quickly on the orange logo at the top until you get an instruction prompt to “Long Press” on the logo for 3 seconds.
  5. After pressing on it for around 10 seconds, let go and shift your finger slightly to try again.
  6. 5-7 seconds later you will see a beautiful watch face and you’re golden!

After 10 or so minutes of playing with the settings and changing watch faces, you will quickly realize that he watch-phone really doesn’t do that much. You will continue to wonder what it is that you are missing out on, since all of the cool stuff wants you to pair to a phone. You will then attempt to pair to your shiny (or matte black) iPhone 7 (or 7+) using the Settings>Bluetooth menu, only to realize that it doesn’t benefit you in the least. Eventually, you’ll hot the Google and discover that there is, in fact a bootleg way to join the Samsung train and finally get to use (some) of the awesome functionality of your new Samsung Gear S3 Frontierwatch.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier with Fish Tank Watchface

How to Pair the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE with An iPhone

This part would have been a pain without instructions! Luckily there are some great people on the interwebs willing to blaze a trail and teach us.. about the Samsung Gear S2. As far as I know, not much info has been coming out about the Gear S3, but I am more than happy to help 🙂

You’ll have to download the ‘leaked’ Beta version of the Samsung Gear Manager. I Do NOT guarantee that the file is virus / Trojan free, but seeing as how I’m on a Mac and have been brainwashed into believing that I am safe.. I scanned it anyway. All is good, but by no means do I advocate trusting Mac antivirus products or strange files you find on the internet (even if you get the links at very reputable and successful real estate firm blogs)…

Anywho- link is HERE.

Connect your iPhone to your computer.

  1. Download the IPA file. Scan it with your anti-virus. Scan it with MalwareBytes. Scan it with your HP multi-function..
  2. Double-click the file  If it isn’t already open, iTines will open up. Back Up your iPhone, then go to iTunes>iPhone>Apps and find the Samsung Gear S3 app. Click Install, then Sync, then Done.
  3. On your iPhone, go to Settings>Bluetooth and make sure that there are no versions of Gear S3 under My Devices. If there are, click the “i” icon and Forget This Device
  4. If you followed the steps above to ‘jailbreak’ the Samsung Gear S2 Frontier, wipe left on the watch, go to Settings>Connect To New Phone. Approve the prompt to restart the device. If not, go to Step 5.
  5. If you see the orange icon and instructions on loading the Gear Manager on a Fandroid phone, switch back over to your iPhone and start the Gear S3 app. Go through the prompts, follow the instructions, and you’ll soon be able to sync up.
  6. Congrats! Now you get to wait and wish that Samsung would get this thing out of Beta so that we can get the full functionality out of Gear S3 Frontier or Classic!

What’s Missing when pairing the Samsung Gear S3 with iPhone?

So far, quite a bit.

I haven’t been able to get the Number Sharing menu to option to reappear after pairing with the Gear S3 app on the iPhone 7+.

Samsung Pay won’t even appear as an option.

Contact sync is iffy.

S Health isn’t pairing with the phone.

Email option disappeared from the Gear S3 after pairing.

Connecting the app to the watch is buggy sometimes. Occasionally you will have to turn off Bluetooth on one end or the other and reconnect.

Spotify isn’t available as a standalone app (Update: Samsung said that it will be out mid-December, after the return period runs out for most).


First Day Musings and Impressions

All things considered.. I’m very impressed. The size is perfect (for a 6’1″ burly bearded man), the response time is awesome, and it makes for a pretty great standalone phone (once you finally teach the fine folks at AT&T about embedded SIM cards). I foresee silencing most of the notifications – I really only care about my business email and @Greatlanta Social accounts. Once Spotify is available I’ll be 100% comfortable with this, my wife and my LG Tone Platinum headset as my sole companions for the gym and daily walks. I can now talk into my watch like Dick Tracy and finally – my four year old thinks I’m cool for having a watch-phone.


More to come — reach out on any social network to @R3dko and/or @Greatlanta for instructions, walk-through, etc!


Tomorrow’s Topic:

How to Teach AT&T Customer Service How to Activate LTE on the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

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