What is the Best Month and Day to List Your Atlanta Home?

With the risk of interest rates going up and 3% fewer homes on the market in 2017, we are expecting a very competitive Seller’s Market in Atlanta. As licensed Real estate Agents specializing in the Greater Atlanta area, it is our responsibility to advise clients on the steps to take to sell their homes and properties for the maximum that the market will bear, without over-pricing and missing motivated buyers that would otherwise be interested.

Zillow has proven to be one of the biggest contenders in the Real Estate technology race, and has reinvested heavily into monitoring and tracking every aspect of the residential sales process. An Inman article describes a new study focuses on the optimal Month and Day for homeowners to list their homes. Zillow analysts looked at several metrics, including the Days Sold faster than Average for various selling periods, average sales premiums and the top days of the week to list during the top periods.

The Data

While most of the surveyed markets showed more favorable sales during May, the Atlanta Real Estate market interestingly differed by a month! Homes in Atlanta listed between April 1st and April 15th tended to sell 19 days faster than the market average at a $2200 sales premium. The best day to list your home during this time period? Friday is the day! This gives you two optimal days to list a home in 2017 –

April 7th and April 14th!

“Many [homebuyers] who started looking for homes in the early spring will still be searching for their dream home months later. By May, some buyers may be anxious to get settled into a new home — and will be more willing to pay a premium to close the deal.” – Zillow Chief Economist Dr. Svenja Gudell

Strategy vs Science

If you ask most agents, the answer will often be “Right Away!” – regardless the time of year that you make your inquiry. In some cases that is true – sellers relocating will get much more benefit out of selling prior to a move. Homeowners looking to ‘sell up’ to a bigger home, or wanting to downsize may have more time on their hands and will be able to take a more strategic approach to a sale. Selling during an off-season means buying during an off-season, which can be advantageous when it comes to negotiating with the other sellers.

The main takeaway is that this is strategy, not science. Every residential transaction is different, and many factors need to considered. Sitting down with a REALTOR® experienced in your market would be a great way to work out the strategy and tactical moves to not only sell your home, but also get the most ‘bang for your buck’ when you are on the other side of the negotiating table!

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